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It is NAYAH's mission to produce and market high quality and value added food products from Amazon raw materials, focusing on cacao and chocolate products, contributing to regional sustainable development.


The company originated from an academic project for the valorization of  Amazon biodiversity, local communities and professionals, their culture and traditional knowledge participating in an international competition for sustainable entrepreneurship promoted by UNESCO in April 2014.


In November 2014, the project was recognized by Samuel Benchimol and Banco da Amazonia Award for Concious Entrepreneurship in the category Regional Development Support, and in August 2015, it was accepted to the Venture Incubator Program of Federal University of Pará, where the company is currently located. In September 2015 the first product line of the company was launched during the 3rd International Festival of Cacao and Chocolate of Amazon.


The choice of the company name, NAYAH, was inspired by the legend of the water lily Vitoria Regia, symbol of biodiversity and cultural wealth of the Amazon. The brand logo refers to the transformation of the fruits of cacao (theobroma cacao) and cupuaçu (theobroma grandiflorum) in chocolates, nature elements, and the panache of NAYAH, a beautiful native that, according to Amazon legend, fell in love with the moon's reflection in the river and became the water lily Vitoria Regia by intersection of the God of the moon, Yaci. 

Led by post-graduate Food Scientist and Technologist Luciana Ferreira Centeno, Ph.D. (Cornell University, 2013), NAYAH Sabores da Amazônia operates under strict quality control, reliability and environmental responsibility in order to bring the delights of Amazon to you.


Let Amazon delight you with NAYAH!

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